Key Features of the KeepTraK Program

Preventive Maintenance

Your business facilities, fleets, machines, and equipment need to be maintained on a routine schedule, and having to remember all of these tasks can be a nightmare! KeepTraK's Preventive Maintenance module provides you with all the tools you need to schedule, track, and audit your maintenance and recurring upkeep tasks. Preventive Maintenance tasks can be scheduled based on calendar dates, hours, miles, or cycles. KeepTraK's Preventive Maintenance module makes it easy to schedule maintenance tasks and create custom work orders, based on your specific equipment and facilities. KeepTraK's Preventive Maintenance module helps you track costs, part usage, work hours, and completion dates for each individual task. And you can easily audit and report on all of your maintenance tasks, completed or not, using the prebuilt reports in KeepTraK's powerful reporting package. Keeping track of preventive maintenance tasks is a SNAP using KeepTraK!

Preventive Maintenance - KeepTraK Preventive Maintenance Software
Work Logs - KeepTraK Preventive Maintenance Software

Work Orders and Logs

KeepTraK Work Orders allow you to quickly and easily create work requests for your facilities and equipment maintenance.  Work Orders become part of the permanent work maintenance history for each machine, piece of equipment, or facility.  You can update and append work requests, as well as change status and urgency, to alert employees to the current status of the maintenance task.  KeepTraK Work Orders allow you to store, track, and report on the reason for the work request, what work was completed, who completed the wort, what parts were used, how long the task took, and any additional costs and labor.

KeepTraK Maintenance Logs allow you to store, retrieve, edit, update, categorize, report on, and log notes for work completed for specific Work Orders and Maintenance Tasks.  KeepTraK Logs are used to track information about maintenance and upkeep for sporadic tasks that occur during the daily operation of your business.  For example, a water heater breaks down and needs repair.  KeepTraK allows you to log this even and track the status of this maintenance task over time. The Log provides a status field and an array of value that describe the current state of the maintenance task, such as 'ASAP Order Parts', 'Completed', or 'Urgent'. Using KeepTraK Maintenance Logs, you can quickly determine the current status of the maintenance task, any other information about the task, and what work has already been completed for the task.

Parts Inventory

KeepTraK Parts Inventory allows you to keep track of all of the parts needed for the maintenance tasks for your facilities, machines, and equipment. KeepTraK allows to you enter and track information for each part, which can then be assigned to one or more pieces of facilities, machines, or equipment. You'll always know how many parts you have on-hand, and where those parts are located, because you can search for individual parts within the system, or even print lists of parts for specific pieces of equipment. And the KeepTraK reporting package will help you remember when to order more parts ahead of time, saving you time, money, and potential work stoppages due to equipment breakdown!

The KeepTraK Parts Inventory module also allows to you create and track Purchase Orders for parts, which can be generated with just a few mouse clicks. Each purchase order created can be tracked within the system, so you always know when the last set of parts was ordered and how many parts have already arrived. The KeepTraK Parts Inventory module is your end-to-end solution for storing, tracking, and ordering parts for your facilities, machines, and equipment!

KeepTraK Part Information Sheet
Equipment Tracking - KeepTraK Preventive Maintenance Software

Equipment Information

KeepTraK's Equipment Information module allows you to easily store and track, in one location, all pertinent information about a given piece of business equipment.  The Equipment Information module allows you to store data such as the manufacturer, part number, model number, serial number, the purchase information, the manufacturers contact information, and much more about your equipment. And KeepTraK's powerful reporting package makes it easy to search, view, and print full equipment information reports as needed, using just a few mouse clicks.

The KeepTraK Catalog

The KeepTraK Catalog is the backbone of the KeepTraK application.  The KeepTraK Catalog is where your facilities, fleets, machines, and equipment are stored and defines how they are organized within your business. For example, you might have a slicer that you keep in the kitchen of your restaurant. In the KeepTraK catalog, you can create a catalog listing for "Slicer" under your "Kitchen" catalog listing, which could be under your "Main Restaurant" facility listing. The KeepTraK Catalog provides a location for tracking all the buildings, equipment, and items for your business, and provides an organizational outline of your company, grouping facilities, machines and equipment in logical collections for reporting and analysis. Utilizing the other KeepTraK modules, you can create PMs and Logs for the items listed in the Catalog, for tracking and completing routine maintenance tasks as needed. Best of all, the KeepTraK Catalog is 100% FREE and is included in the KeepTraK base program free of charge, so you can always use the KeepTraK Catalog features and tools indefinitely, even if you do not purchase other KeepTraK modules.

KeepTraK Catalog - KeepTraK Preventive Maintenance Software
Executive Summary and Calendar - KeepTraK Preventive Maintenance Software

Executive Summary

KeepTraK's Executive Summary allows you to view your scheduled maintenance timeline, in a handy, easy-to-read, calendar-style format. The Executive Summary's calendar view allows you to view past maintenance tasks and logs that haven't been completed, the maintenance tasks are currently due, and future maintenance tasks that will be due, showing items up to two years in the future based on your current maintenance schedules.  This calendar view is a powerful tool for helping you analyze upcoming maintenance schedules and for tracking maintenance that was not completed. The KeepTraK Executive Summary gives you the ability to visualize and understand your business's maintenance routines on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

People and Resources

The KeepTraK People and Resources module provides the ability to manage and track people, organizations, and various other business resources in one central location within the KeepTraK program.  The People and Resources module allows you specify a list of users in the system that will create work, enter data, and do the physical labor to complete the maintenance tasks.  The People and Resources module also provides the ability to track other entities, such as businesses, vendors, or contractors, as resources that you enlist to do work for your business.  KeepTraK's powerful reporting packages provides prebuilt reports for the People and Resources module to create printable reports for all of the various people and resource data stored in the KeepTraK program. And the KeepTraK's People and Resources module is 100% FREE and included in the KeepTraK base program free of charge, and can be used indefinitely, even if you do not purchase any other KeepTraK program modules.

People and Resources - KeepTraK Preventive Maintenance Software
Users and Permissions Software Module Server License

Multi-User Environment

The KeepTraK Multi-User module allows you to use the KeepTraK program in a business network environment. The Multi-User module allow the database portion of the KeepTraK program to be stored in a network location, and then allows multiple instances of the KeepTraK program to connect to it from different workstations on your network. This provides the ability for multiple users to work with the same database simultaneously, from different computers within the network.

Users and Permissions

The KeepTraK Users and Permissions module allows the system administrator to grant specific permissions to the different user accounts in the KeepTraK program.  Without the Users and Permission module, user access to the KeepTraK program is not regulated in anyway, thus all users are essentially administrators. Once the Users and Permissions module is enabled, users will be required to enter passwords to use the KeepTraK program, and those users will only have permission to perform actions in KeepTraK that they have been granted permission to use by the system administrator. For example, the KeepTraK system administrator can set a user account to only have permission to create Work Orders and nothing else, or to only add and edit PMs, but not delete them.  The Users and Permissions module also tracks who created and last edited records in the KeepTraK database. This module is typically used by medium- to large-scale business operations, where there are many different users working on many different parts of the business simultaneously.

KeepTrak System Users and Permissions Module
The KeepTrak Help System

Powerful Help System

The KeepTraK program has built-in help files to tell users everything they need to know about using the program, directly from the program itself.  The help files are accessed from the Help button on the Main Screen of the KeepTraK program. The help files are easy to understand and provide step-by-step guide for how to perform most of the functionality built into the KeepTraK software. Additionally, KeepTraK provides a series of videos, available for viewing from this website or YouTube, that show how to most of the functionality found within the KeepTraK program. You can find those help videos on the Tutorials page of this website.

We highly recommend you begin with the 'Getting Started' help file and then work your way down the topics from top to bottom.  You can probably browse through most topics within 15 minutes to have a good grasp of how KeepTraK software works and how it can benefit you.  These help files are chalk full of information and screenshots that will help you get up and running on the KeepTraK software very quickly and easily!

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